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Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 Long Range

Laser tracker

Take your measurements to the highest level with the Leica AT960-LR universal tracker.

Designed for measuring small objects to oversized objects and buildings with a measured volume of up to 320 meters in diameter with 3D scanning and 40 meters with 6D measurement.. Dynamic and flexible functions will provide you with absolute accuracy, comfort, speed and compatibility.

You can use the powerful tracker in any industry and, thanks to IP54 protection, it can easily cope with outdoor conditions.

Only Long Range Tracker in Slovakia and Czech Republic

Only we offer measurements with Long Range Tracker in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

BENEFITS of usage

Quick detection of deviations using the Color Map

For the fastest accuracy check, we create a color map, on the basis of which critical areas are revealed and deviations of the real part from the computer data are detected. Such an analysis effectively solves problems associated with assembly.

Focus of planned production lines

Oversize parts and buildings

Robotic unit control

Hexagon ARM 8735 + scanner AS1

Measuring arm

Suitable for fast measuring, 3D scanning and for automotive parts up to 3.5 m long with extreme precision.

Product and mould inspection

3D reports

Production control